New Perspectives on Design | Dwell on Design 2013 Highlights

Dwell on Design is a modern design trade show.  It took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center this year, June 21-23.  The show room floor was filled with designers and products made and produced by our neighbors across the US and around the globe.  Several of the products ingeniously stood out among the rest, giving us a new perspective on design, helping us see design from a new angle… are you following?  I am going to share with you what was up, and up-side-down, this year at Dwell.

The Good Flock click through to visit

The Good Flock   Mission Statement  Click through to visit

These lightbulbs by The Good Flock aren’t hard to look at. I mean that in the most flattering sense, also literally because they have a custom made reflective cap that goes over the light to protect our eyes and still illuminate in a very natural and organic way. I love this simple approach to lighting a room, ideal for small spaces in need of clever solutions. They make lampshades unnecessary and can be mounted to any surface in a home to be both functional and aesthetic.  Their mission statement (right) also expresses the values they hold to quality of sustainable and organic service.  If you are in need of a handmade all-American light, the Aurora lamp is for you.

The Rypen booth displayed a very creative approach to shelving.  This whimsical Equilibrium Bookcase balances your books and knick-knacks in a free standing modular unit with color and poise. A great accessory for any living room or office to show off your creative side, while still keeping your collectibles organized and admirable from all 360 degrees.Dwell on Design AirplantmanIf you thought succulents were the latest trend, think again because they have just been one-up’d by an even greater plant, the airplant! This plant can survive without soil and lives off water and air. It’s blossoms and slim leaves extend in whimsy, as if riding the breeze around them. These plants defy gravity and present a new uncomplicated approach to the love and care of plant life.  One man has decided to become the master of this new element: The Airplantman.  He has chosen this particular plant genus as his obsession because of its intrigue and has made it his goal to craft simplistic holders for these small bouquets to enhance their loftiness and show off their ethereal beauty in these very appropriate handmade AirplantVessels and AirplantFrames.

Each of these new designs express a novel approach to form and function.  The unexpected takes place here with the transformation of lights, the balancing act of shelves, and the surreal gardens that will soon decorate our homes.
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