Designspiration! How to show character in your space for FREE

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This is Slotholomew.  I adopted him at the San Diego Zoo a few years ago and he has followed me around ever since.

Call me lame for having a stuffed toy sloth that I tote around, but don’t we all have that special novelty that makes us happy despite how ridiculous it might be?

Dig up that cherished toy and display it in plain sight for everyone to enjoy!  I paired mine with an old silver bowl that was hiding in storage.  Now they can both be admired! This also brings forth a fresh, FREE, and very simple conversation starter to your space, as well as a happy reminder to BE YOURSELF. Don’t hide who you are to appeal to others, any room in your home or workspace can afford personal flair, when performed subtly.  Flaunt your style in these small ways and make your space your own.

These elements are what take a space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Slotholomew is thankful for the special treatment, and I know my friends appreciate the notion as well.  They recognize that I take my interior design practice very seriously, but am also not afraid to have fun by personalizing a space with simple pleasures.

Other ideas include

  • Perching 1, 2, or 10 of your favorite beanie babies next to a favorite book on the bookshelf
  • Tie handkerchiefs together end to end and drape them over your headboard or use them as a window valance.
  • Toss your plentiful sunglass collection into a nice bowl on the end table
  • Perhaps you have tons of empty lipstick tubes? Shove them into an empty wine bottle and treat it like art on a dresser or shelf in your bedroom.

If you happen to be more manly you can always

  • Shove your old army men into an empty handle of Jack (à la the lipstick tubes)
  • Hang up that Superman cape on your towel rack in place of the hand towel you will never use.
  • Stick the light saber in the umbrella stand next to your umbrellas and oddly shaped walking sticks
  • Place the baseball your dad caught for you at your first big league game inside the same bowl you put all your change or keys in.  There is nothing wrong with some weathered leather sitting pretty on your fine dimes and drives. Anything is better than where it was before: collecting dust in the shoe box under your bed.

You see how simple this is?!  Breathe life into your space with these subtle touches that will make you smile and let your character shine through in style.

(( On the contrary, if you have an old something that you will never use again or do not wear and cannot think of a creative solution, trash it or give it away! Enough with the clutter! ))

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