Welcome Home!


For years now I have been wanting to start a blog.  What magazine-obsessed fashion-and-interiors-lover doesn’t, might I add?  I always wanted to but everything else in life seemed to get in the way. Alas I have now graduated college and I have a degree in Interior Design, Fashion Merchandising, with a minor in Marketing and Journalism. Now that I am done with school and employment is nowhere in sight I have decided to take matters into my own hands and start a blog (sorry Mom – I know you want me to find a job) but if I don’t do this now I will always regret it.

So this brings us to the present, May 31, 2013, the day I start my new life on the blogosphere:

Hello world!  I am here to walk you through my every day actions and thoughts.  Most of them being about food, fashion and interiors, my pets, well dressed men, and the random thoughts that cross my mind.  I am a DIY-er at heart, I hope you enjoy what is in store… If not, I hope you at least will secretly enjoy spying on my life through this online portal.

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