Holly Golightly Costume from Breakfast At Tiffany’s | Last-Minute Halloween DIY

Holly Golightly, Audrey Hepburn’s character in Breakfast At Tiffany’s, is one of the most iconic vintage Hollywood characters of all time (imho).

So it’s only fitting that when we decided on PAJAMA for our Halloween 2020 theme, I chose my favorite vintage film’s pajama queen.

Holly Golightly’s morning-getup is so easy to throw together, that it’s among the TOP last-minute costume ideas of all time.

There is a high chance you already own everything it takes to make your own Holly Golightly vision come true. Follow along in my video, and catch more details below!

The Easiest Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ever

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Turning 30 Musings

Wow, I turn 30 tomorrow. I often tell people I’m excited about “getting older” because it brings more wisdom, more wealth (hopefully), more opportunities, more comfort in your own (aging) skin… And I look forward to and embrace every age, as I did my 20s.

The past 10 years were filled with a lot of fun, a lot of late nights dancing, tears shed, full hearts and broken hearts, long hearty laughs, clichés, funny jokes and really bad jokes, new experiences, and incredible memories. I did a lot that I’m proud of, and some things I’m not so proud of. But I try not to live in regret, so even though I’ve messed up a few times, I learn from those decisions and keep going!

Since it’s a milestone birthday, I wanted to take some time to reflect. So I’m doing a little series:

(TL;DR the Virgo has made a list!)

Let’s jump right in!

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My Beautiful Bohemian Austin Home has its own instagram: @BohoHouse_ATX

I made my house its own Instagram account! You know, like what people do for their pets or babies… Except I’m a little more obsessed with the HOME and GARDEN lifestyle. Alas, @BohoHouse_ATX was born!

Welcome, come on in!

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Oh Hey 2018 | 2017 Recap And 2018 New Years Goals

Time to dust off the old blog. Let’s see what’s happened since I’ve been gone…

We’ll work backward.

NYE 2018 At the turn of 2017, I rang in the New Year in Austin with my very sweet boyfriend and other folks we hold dear. My resolution was to get back at it, to get in touch with myself and my personal goals again. Which is why I’m here.

Hello blog world, I’m back.

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